Truth Center

There is no single truth. Let's help each other find ours!

We help each other

A person is a collection of his stories and habits. Every story creates habits, and conversely, every habit creates stories.

Every story and habit is necessary at some point in time, and at another point in time, those same stories and habits can be counterproductive.

There are stories and habits that we are aware of and there are quite a few that we are not aware of. And that can really inhibit our potential.

At the Truth Center, we believe that we live here to help each other in our personal development. Discover yourself and expand your potential together with others. In Truth Center you will find people and workshops to help your exploration. Our common interest is to find ways to get to the core of ourselves so that we can better see ourselves and each other for the people we are.

Together we will find those stories and habits of which we are not yet aware.

Let's see if we can make them work in our favor or learn to let go of them.

Let's unlock our potential!